Cuckoo for Coconut Oil

Posted May 19 2016


You’ve probably heard more than enough about this topic already. It seems these days you can’t even think of a daily issue to which someone doesn’t say “I hear coconut oil’s good for that”. But let’s face it, when it comes to the world of superfoods, coconut is up on the rooftop with red cape billowing. It’s good for the body, it’s a skin moisturiser, a hair conditioner, a sweetener, it’ll do your taxes, give you relationship advice, etc, etc.

Okay, still waiting for the tests to come back on those last two, but there is a mind-numbingly large number of things that this one magical ingredient can do. And whilst going through every single use would require us turning the Organic Blog into the Organic Novel (would anyone read that? Just throwing it out there…), here’s a good idea of just how impossibly versatile a lovely bunch of coconuts can be.

Natural Sweetener

If you’re looking to cut sugar out of the diet whilst keeping your sweet-tooth sated, then you can’t do much better than coconut oil. It has a natural, subtle sweetness that makes it great for putting a bit of flavour into sugar-free cakes and chocolate, and it also gives smoothies a nice consistency. Or you could just plop it into your coffee instead of your usual one-or-two cubes. Magic.

Butter Alternative

A substitute for sugar AND fat? You heard me right. Cooking with coconut oil is fathoms healthier than butter or oils, and it greases a pan like a charm. Or is cooking not your thing and you just want a bit of toast in the morning? Then spread the stuff straight on instead of butter, maybe mixed in with a touch of honey if you want to indulge (incidentally, coconut oil and honey is also great on a sore throat).


Smear a bit of the stuff onto tough, dried-on food stains and just let it soak for a bit. It’ll pump some moisture back into the stain and loosen it up for the sponge to come in for the kill. Better yet, you know when you remove a sticker from something and are left with gunky glue and bits of label behind? Try the same again. No more circles of leftover gunk on your DVDs!

Skin Moisturiser

Yeah, this is the one everyone witters on about, but only because it’s true! Rub it into dry skin to feel soft and hydrated, over eyelids before going to bed to reduce eye puffiness, or onto acne to help bring down an outbreak. For something that looks like the offspring of a hedgehog and a rock, that juice is pretty dandy on the skin.

Hair Conditioner

Brittle hair? Dandruff? Guess what…coconut oil will fix that too. The moisturising properties works on hair just as well as skin, making it full, soft and silky. Coconuts are quickly becoming your new best friend in the shower, right? You could even use the shell itself as an exfoliator! (okay, I don’t have any facts to back that up, but it sounds like it could be true, right?)


Wait…that too? Yep, mix it with a bit of salt and scrub it over your feet to help buff away tough, dry skin and get those toesies nice and soft. Might be too tough for the face though, so stick with the unsalted version for that. Especially if you’ve just had a night on the town and need a…

Makeup Remover

As mentioned before, this stuff is great for stains, even the ones you put on your own mug. Spread it on, let it soak, scrub it off. Voila! Au naturel.

Sun Protection

So, you’re off hunting for these magical coconuts on tropical beaches where they belong. Better get some sunscreen. Well guess what? It’s good for that too! It comes in at around SPF 4, without any of the toxic chemicals that often come with commercial sunscreen. Though if you didn’t put it on fast enough and find yourself on the pink side, don’t worry; it helps treat sunburn too.

Treating Cuts, Bites and Bruises

It doesn’t just treat sunburn; coconut oil can help to disinfect cuts and help the skin heal faster. It does the samefor bringing down swelling in bruises and lessening horrible, itchy mosquito bites.


Have we made it clear yet that this stuff just love, love, LOVES your skin?


No, not talking about the lovely people of Poland, but furniture polish. Mix it with a bit of lemon juice and get buffing to bring wood to a shine. Or you can use it on leather to give your shoes and belt a nice touch-up. Try it on metal too, as it’s also a…

Rust Remover

Leave it to soak for about an hour on any rusty metal, then scrub it off with a sponge and hot water. Combined with its qualities as a lubricant, get some on your bike now to put an end to those squeaky wheels. In fact, on that note…


Don’t get too excited, we’re still on metals here. But if you’ve ever been the victim of a stuck zip, a squeaky hinge or a pair of sticky scissors, slather them in our favourite tropical elixir and get everything working smoothly.

Insect repellent

Not only will a layer of the stuff keep your skin safe from mosquitos, but smearing it at the bottom of your bin will deter flies and maggots. And whilst spiders aren’t all that bad to have around your home, a bit of coconut will keep them out of the little nooks and crannies you don’t want them getting cosy in…like your slippers.

And that’s just touching the surface of what coconut oil is capable of. Tell me, can you find any other food that has this many applications? No. Believe me, I’ve tried; I’ve been smearing myself in bolognaise, rubbing carrots over my furniture, using honey for shampoo…trust me, nothing comes close...all I got was a terrible spaghetti and bees in my hair.

So, pick up some coconut oil today and start seeing what it can do for you! Check first whether refined or unrefined oil is what you need for each of these things, then get stuck in.

Or you could just eat it. Because come on, it’s coconut. It’s scrummy.