Healthy Breakfasts (that may not be on the menu).

Posted November 04 2015


You're late for work. Again. Why? Why on earth you keep doing this to yourself? No matter how often you promise yourself to get a full night's rest, a first class ticket to dreamland (stopping off briefly at nightmare island), you still read pulpy romance novels until the small hours of the morning. Whilst it's true that you now know whether Melissa and James might have a future together, the cost is high; you're sleepy and hungry and can barely concentrate because of that giant cliffhanger at the end of chapter 16 that came completely out of nowhere and kept you awake, thinking, like a lonely person, or an owl. 



Anyway, that's enough of my diary for now. Let's talk about breakfast.



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after elevenses and supper and pub time. At this time, your body is crying out for lean proteins and proper nutrition. Unfortunately, many breakfasts contain little more than standard carbohydrates and sugar. Which is okay, if that's your thing. Don't let me spoil your pan au chocolate; I love them too. But sometimes you need that 'healthy' feeling, perhaps before an important appointment or a heavy workout. In that case, why not try...


Salmon, eggs and avocado

Accompany your protein-packed salmon and poached eggs with a mix of avocado and salad, or swap out the toast for other veggies. This is a sure-fire way to quickly give your body what it needs to start the day with your best foot forward. Avocados are fantastic for providing nutrients; at least twenty distinct vitamins and minerals can be found in the average avocado, plus 2g of protein and 15g of healthy fats. One of the best ways to start your day at the Deli, hands down.


Granola, fruit and yoghurt

The yoghurt is the key facilitator here. You may consider drawing back on particularly sugary fruits such as berries and kiwis and choosing apples or bananas instead to prevent a sudden energy dip in the middle of the morning. But even so, the gluten-free organic granola is top quality and makes a mean replacement for that bowl of cornflakes.


Eggs on Rye

Poached eggs are one of the healthiest ways to cook eggs and are delicious when done to perfection. Placed atop the dark, crispy rye as an alternative to our sourdough and you have a breakfast that will fill you up longer without the downsides of wheat.


Green Machine Smoothie

If you're truly in a hurry, race to get the green machine smoothie. We've already covered why ginger and bananas are powerhouses of nutrition in previous posts, but we should not ignore the brilliance of the humble leaf: spinach and kale are packed with iron, fuelling your body for longer. If you do have the time to take breakfast in, you know, solid form, then how about an omelette with spinach, kale and tomatoes?