Stay Healthy With...Chocolate?

Posted February 23 2016


Now now, put down that Mars bar and let me clarify.


As we all know, chocolate has become the poster-child of unhealthy eating, sporting a one-two punch of fat and sugar right to your gut. Even the word just sounds sticky and gluttonous, doesn’t it? Go ahead, say it slowly. Cho-co-late.


…seriously, put down that Mars bar…yes, I’ll put down mine too.


But what if I were to tell you that the primary ingredient of chocolate is not only not as bad as people make out, but is actually a potent health food that can be enjoyed without all the nastiness that so often comes with it? Madness, you say?


As many of you know, chocolate starts off as the humble cacao bean (also called the cocoa bean), dangling in the jungles of South America, and it’s where that delectable flavour comes from. The catch? When making cocoa, the bean is roasted at high temperatures, destroying most of the enzymes, and whatever’s left in it is usually gunked up with sugar and milk to make your favourite corner-shop confectionary. And, like the handsome Prince cursed to live as a hideous beast, Cacao was forever changed into its most monstrous form: chocolate.


But does it have to be that way? Take those same beans and cold-press them as opposed to roast them, and you’re left with raw cacao; and when left like this, it’s actually quite the superfood!


Raw cacao is a natural antioxidant, helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of strokes and cardiovascular disease. It also boosts your nervous system, reduces insulin resistance and even naturally enhances your mood (yes, even in that way, you old dog).


The best part is it’s still what gives chocolate its rich, decadent flavour. So you can use it in baking and smoothies to create much healthier chocolate-tasting goodies, and in its powdered form it can even be used as a straight drinking chocolate.


So, look up some raw cacao recipes today and maybe you won’t have to give up on the brownies and chocolate shakes entirely…and if used correctly, it might even do you some good!

Just don’t go around telling people that galaxy bar counts towards one of your five a day.